In Search of the GNU/Linux Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, a question asked whether the pre-installed GNU/Linux desktop
| products were a critically important factor or not; here the respondents were
| equally divided, with around 42% saying that their organisation had been
| waiting for them, and the rest preferring to roll their own.

How about those revenue-based figures from Microsoft-funded servants like IDC
and Gartner?


Get the facts about sagging Linux server sales

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| The bottom line is that Linux continues to thrive, and Microsoft -- well,
| Microsoft continues to do what it does best. Linux improves and grows its
| user base day-in and day-out, and Microsoft dishes out deceptions. Note to
| Galli, Peter Judge, Stan Beer, and all the other pundits echoing the meme
| that Linux is losing: based on the facts -- which show 93% growth for Red Hat
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| versus 18% for Microsoft over the past two years -- if any company is getting
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| close to hitting the wall, it's not a Linux vendor. * * *