Red Hat delays new software for PCs until January

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| She said Red Hat was postponing the product's release again because it has
| yet to resolve problems getting the right to distribute software for playing
| music and viewing videos with the Linux software.

Microsoft seems to be playing patent games in order to stifle this. Thank you,
Novell, for nothing. And there are other 'shills' also...

Red Hat corner notes

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| The stupid self-declared "business analyst" Katherine R. Egbert from
| Jefferies & Co. has downgraded Red Hat on "challenges from competing
| technology", thus cutting its rating from "Buy" to "Hold", and reducing the
| target price from $23 to $19.
| As a comment on Tuxmachines, Roy Schestowitz opines that «Analysts are paid
| by companies to dig their dirt. She already got one predication [sic] on Red
| Hat totally wrong. In many cases analysts are little more than shills in
| suits. Gartner and IDC for example are funded by Bill Gates and Ballmer
| shouts at them on the phone.»
| I would add that, as noted 10 months ago, in Why Would Anyone Believe
| Investment Analysts?!, Katherine R. Egbert is not at her first blunder! She
| has already changed her mind back in February, when she first said that Red
| Hat is affected by the Microsoft-Novell deal and by Oracle's "Broken Linux",
| just to say shortly after that... no, Red Hat is not affected!
| Now what? Is Katherine R. Egbert a real business analyst or is she only
| issuing prophecies based on the PMS?


Dell's Latitude XT convertible laptop ready to ship

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| In China, it will ship with the Red Flag Linux OS.

Dell beefs up Precision portable workstation line

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| Dell is adding more power to its high-end line of mobile workstations with
| the debut of the Precision M6300, a 17" notebook geared at engineers,
| developers, video editors and others who need to tote around some serious
| silicon. *
| [...]
| RedHat Linux 5.1 will be available on the system in October.

Linux for Consumers in the U.K. France, and Germany; Dell/Red Hat Solutions &

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| I hinted at this before, but today, it's official: Dell announced that
| consumers in the United Kingdom, France and Germany can order an Inspiron
| 6400 notebook or an Inspiron 530N desktop with Ubuntu 7.04 pre-installed. *

Dell pushes for better Linux drivers

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| Amit Bhutani told a session at the Ubuntu Live 2007 conference that Dell has
| several "areas of investigation" when it comes to Linux. *

Michael Dell: Linux Coming to SMBs, Europe Soon

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| At July 10 show, Michael Dell confirmed a posting on the Direct2Dell site
| that the company has specific plans to expand its Linux offering. This will
| include a focus on SMBs as well as the European market. *