Is Red Hat's New Development Environment Destined for an Amazon or IBM Cloud?

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| So who will be the one to move their tools environment to the Amazon cloud
| first? Perhaps Amazon will offer several tools options, such as one for web
| apps and mashups, and another (or two) for Java development? You know you
| want to, Jeff.


Aiming for the Clouds: The Red Hat Q&A

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| Q: To get back to the original question, what is your assessment of the
| potential impact?
| A: It’s early, but November’s news was a good indication that innovation
| amongst economic models and deployment scenarios is still possible. Not to
| dismiss the importance of some of the new features of RHEL 5.1, but over the
| longer term I think AOS and the Cloud offering are far more important than
| mere bells and whistles, because they make Red Hat a competitor in markets
| where its penetration is currently low. Even if it’s success in those areas,
| then, is minimal, the news remains very significant. * * *

Will the biggest clouds stay open source?

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| Everyone wants to become Google these days. In a way.
| Google runs Linux.
| A lot of enterprises, from banking to health care, are now looking to deploy
| gigantic Internet-facing applications to customer sets numbering in the tens
| of millions. (Government, too.) *
| The biggest and best IT system suppliers are gearing up for what they
| call “cloud” computing. IBM floated its offering today. *

Xcerion's Internet Cloud Forms Over Google and Microsoft

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| If successful, it may be able to further erode the power Microsoft
| derives from control of the desktop, to beat Google at its
| software-as-a-service play, and to make commodity Linux boxes more
| viable as a computing platform for the masses.

IBM's Blue Cloud: The Tipping Point for Enterprise IT as Service

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| IBM's Blue Cloud, arriving in the first half of 2008, will use IBM
| BladeCenter servers, a Linux operating system, Xen-based virtualization and
| the company's own Tivoli management software. *

IBM to turn datacenters into 'computing cloud'

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| IBM is calling the initiative Blue Cloud, and compared its significance to
| its decision several years ago to throw its weight behind Linux, which helped
| the open-source OS become more widely accepted by corporations. *

Red Hat Pits Itself Against VMware

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| Red Hat’s new goal is to underpin 50% of the world’s servers by 2015.
| And since virtualization is projected to take over the world by then that’s a
| lot of Xen virtualization – and there’s no extra cost in it like there is
| with VMware since it’s bundled with RHEL. (Red Hat’s telling people they’ll
| save $20,000-$30,000 a server.) * *

RHEL just tripled the size of its ISV ecosystem!

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| Through that series of announcements, Red Hat is lining up its complete RHEL
| strategy and making it clear that it can fit all deployment scenarios -
| traditional or emerging - through the exact same RHEL bits. That proves the
| flexibility of RHEL as a distribution and also factually multiplies the size
| of RHEL’s ecosystem by further enabling all existing RHEL’s ISV on two new
| emerging scenarios, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Computing. While that might
| seem like a trivial statement, it is far from the truth. Just look at VMWare
| for example: while they are getting great traction in the virtualization
| field, it is going to be very difficult for them to enter the two emerging
| fields discussed above, as they have a pretty much empty ISV ecosystem today.
| And you don’t build an ISV ecosystem overnight (you can partner with one or
| acquire one, but not build one overnight). * * * * *