Nokia dismisses Google open source Android platform

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| Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo dismissed Android saying his company had
| already ventured down that path. "Conceptually, we [Nokia] could have made
| that announcement a long time ago."

Is Nokia Looking for Revenue in the Wrong Places?

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| He proposed that iPod and iTunes was an exception, and would be eclipsed by a
| Nokia/Microsoft (MSFT) partnership in short order.
| [...]
| That conversation echoes the one that nearly every music player manufacturer
| on the planet has had to date. And Microsoft's DRM and poor business
| decisions has managed to undermine the business of every single one of them,
| especially now that Microsoft's Zune competes with them and yet isn't
| compatible with Microsoft's own PlaysForSure music software.

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Nokia to W3C: Ogg is proprietary, we need DRM on the Web

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| But remember, that's not what Nokia is objecting to: they are arguing that
| Ogg is proprietary (it isn't) and that DRM should be part of a Web standard
| (it shouldn't). *


Nokia to put Microsoft PlayReady onto S60 & S40 cellphone platforms

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| Nokia is to support Microsoft's PlayReady content access technology into the
| Nokia S60 and Series 40 mobile device platforms, starting in 2008.

Mozilla, Opera look to make video on the Web easier

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| Firefox and Opera will support a new HTML tag specifically for embedding
| video in Web pages. As long as the browsers support a video's specific codec,
| or encoding method, the browsers will then be able to play the video without
| launching third-party enabling software, said Chris Double, a Mozilla
| engineer. Mozilla and Opera are also working to support the royalty-free
| video codec Ogg Theora. * *

Microsoft: We Like DRM