Ubuntu: A new pastime

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| I just switched operating systems. I was using primarily Windows XP Home
| Edition, and switched to Linux based Ubuntu. So far the transition has been
| smooth and everything seems to be running well.


My first blog-novel: Life with Linux

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| My next attempt was Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). MUCH nicer display manager!
| Arguably more windows-like than Gnome (Ubuntu), but just overall more
| flexible and powerful. Enter the light of the K Desktop Environment.


Which Distro Will Be First to Ship KDE4?

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| My prediction is that on the release day of KDE 4.0.0 we will see a whole
| bunch of distributions providing packages either in their development tree or
| in separate repositories for older distro releases which should satisfy very
| early adopters of KDE4 now asking this question. And that we will see several
| distro releases in first half of 2008 containing a later KDE 4.0.x bugfix
| release for early adopters of KDE4.



Mandriva 2008 VS Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

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| Well, finally, what can be said? Both distributions have their pros and cons.
| Mandriva has recently consolidated its product lines and offers, allowing
| users afraid to be on their own the reassurance of paid for support while
| leaving a very convincing offer available to free software users, while
| Ubuntu is appearing more and more often pre-installed on consumer computers—
| and version 7.10 should be even easier to pre-install. *
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Why I feel Vista is as bad as Windows ME?

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| This long-time PC user talked about how he felt about Vista and why he
| decided to switch to Apple Leopard.


Windows Vista, The best thing that ever happened to Linux?

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| Millions of these units have been ordered by Countries such as
| Nigeria and Libya and pretty soon there will be millions of
| children around the world with Linux as their first operating
| system.
| In stark contrast Microsoft have just released Windows Vista,
| probably the most resource hungry Operating System ever, for
| the PC platform.


Linux gains despite and because of Microsoft

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| Despite the heightened competition over the last two quarters from
| Microsoft-Novell and a move by Oracle to undercut Red Hat on the cost of Red
| Hat Linux support service, Red Hat has reported double-digit growth in
| revenue and an increase in profit. *
| “The success of Red Hat has been able to validate the future potential for
| open source software,” Szulik says.
| Emerging countries are also lucrative markets for Linux, says IDC’s Gillen,
| because there isn’t as much of the legacy Windows technology to have to
| displace. *


If you're Steve Ballmer, don't read this

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| Microsoft's hopes now rest with Ray Ozzie, the company's chief software
| architect. But not even the Great White Wizard can turn back the clock.


Open source and Linux looking better every day

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| Vista Home Basic - How do you figure out all these different
| versions available? Thankfully a desktop shortcut to download
| an upgrade - the upgrade treadmill head start program?
| [...]
| Added openSUSE - dual boot, so I can use both.


Vista Upgrade: Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere

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| This is just another reason (again, that is another post for another
| time) why I am hoping to never upgrade my Windows XP laptop to Vista.
| I am hedging my bets on Linux and Wine improving to where I can
| abandon Windows before XP is no longer supported.


Linux Says Bye-bye Windows XP!

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| It's been one of those months! My computer crashed taking with it crucial
| XP system files. This is the 3rd crash in the last year and I've finally
| had enough with the Windows operating system!