Big Audio Dynamite

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| But the S4.2500 is at the top of ReQuest's line. It's basically a rock-solid
| Linux computer coupled to a Lynx Studio Technology sound card of the sort
| used by professional recording studios. Nice touches include 24-karat gold
| connectors and aircraft-grade fasteners. TheS4.2500 uses secret-sauce
| software tricks like word clocks and jitter reduction to reproduce music more
| accurately, so you hear details that get masked or blurred in lesser systems.
| (A word clock synchs audio devices. Jitter is an undesirable variation in
| digital signal.)


Linux-based PMP targets Rhapsody

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| Haier America is shipping a WiFi-enabled portable media player (PMP) based on
| Linux. The "Ibiza Rhapsody" has a 30GB hard drive, and is designed to work
| with the Rhapsody digital music service, AOL Video, and other digital content
| services. *

AOL's new wi-fi enabled media player?

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| Sure, you might not spend long nights writing new widgets and
| figuring out better things you can do with the built in Wi-fi but,
| someone will.. and when they're done, they'll probably release the
| source code. No word yet on how easy or hard software tinkering
| is on the device.

Archos (Linux-based) 604 WiFi Ultimate Gallery: Why It's a Zune Challenger

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| The Zune, which comes out next week, isn't the only WiFi media player
| out there, remember. The Archos 604 is here today, and I think the
| Archos might be better by some measures. Simply said, the
| 4.3-inch touchscreen is perfect, and extremely fingerprint
| resistant.

Review: Archos Media Player Delivers

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| If Apple's iPod is the nicely tuned Porsche of portable media players and
| Microsoft's Zune is the Jetta, then a new Wi-Fi-enabled unit from Archos is
| the Hummer, a brutish performer with all the tools to navigate the rugged
| terrain of technology needs on the go.