* nessuno@wigner.berkeley.edu fired off this tart reply:

> The trolls love to say that if Linux is free why don't people use it,
> to point out the small desktop share (who knows what it really is, but
> a common figure is less than 1%), and to mock the "year of Linux"
> predictions.

They (and Microsoft) want people to see the big numbers for Windows, and
have us just roll over and die for them, and not even try, as if the
situation were hopeless and that Windows will be around forever.

(It won't. Neither will Linux, for that matter, but it will alive at a
much later date.)

> I've noticed they never mention the fact that overall
> Microsoft share on the desktop is actually down by a percent or two in
> the last year or so, in spite of Vista. The reason isn't Linux, it's
> Mac OS/X, attacking from the top. But Linux is a real threat to the
> bottom, even if the numbers are still small.

Free software will never just roll over and die for Microsoft.
Especially now.

Tux rox!