Amarok2 as a technology platform, and beyond Amarok 2.0

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| This discussion has been raging in KDE4 land for a while, and the point that
| is often brought up is that KDE 4.0 is not all of KDE4.
| [...]
| The same logic can be applied to Amarok. Amarok 2.0 will be a great release,
| built on top of some very interesting new technologies, but the full
| potential of these will not show through in the first release.

It runs on Windows now, as well (not stable).

Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 1

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| As a result of this inquiry I decided to revisit the Linux soundapps site and
| check up on the commercial sound and music software for Linux. This article
| reveals and ponders some of the results from that visit.


Review: Amarok Live CD 1.3

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| Amarok is a fairly new, but well known music management and playback program
| designed to help you organize and listen to all of your music in a simple,
| yet powerful interface full of nearly every tool you will need. *But few
| people outside of the Linux community know of this program. *It's very likely
| that if you're a fan of Amarok, you've wanted many times to show your friends *
| and colleagues the benefits and joys of this impressive and wonderful
| program. *Well, now you can. *Thus I introduce you to the Amarok Live CD. * *

Playing with the Playlist

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| There are many things that do not work really well yet, such as correctly
| updating groups when items are moved or deleted, but I will work on that.

Get your groove on with Amarok

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| So, you got the new iPod that you wanted for Christmas, but you're
| no fan of iTunes. No problem -- you can cast off your iTunes chains
| and manage your music entirely with Linux using Amarok. Amarok
| gives you everything you need to manage your music, from playing
| to burning music CDs to managing your portable music player.

Linux Audio Players, Tested and Graded

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| KDE users have it easy: Amarok is slick enough to crow about in a
| room full of iTunes or Windows Media Player users.