Yahoo Betrays Free Speech

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| For a company that ostensibly believes in the Internet’s liberating power,
| Yahoo has a gallingly backward understanding of the value of free expression.

'This article uses the misleading propaganda terms "piracy" and "intellectual


Yahoo! Answers is rejecting Open-Source options in answers

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| Someone got a computer from a friend that has some serious problems
| with Windows. S/he has none of the disks (XP or restore) and was
| asking for recommendations.
| [...]
| How is recommending freely available and legal alternatives abuse?
| ImgBurn is also a perfectly legal program, so are Ubuntu and Kubuntu
| (they're Linux).

Yahoo settles lawsuit with jailed Chinese journalists

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| Smith sponsored the Global Online Freedom Act of 2007, which would prohibit
| U.S. Internet companies from cooperating with repressive regimes on censoring
| the Internet and using Internet user account data to track down and punish
| pro-democracy activists. *

Yahoo Settles With Imprisoned Chinese Journalists

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| Terms of the deal are secret, but Yahoo has reached settlements with two
| Chinese journalists who were arrested based on information the company
| provided to the ruling Communist government. *

Report: Yahoo exec apologizes to U.S. lawmakers on China

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| A senior executive at Yahoo has apologized for misleading U.S. lawmakers on
| the company's cooperation with a request by China for details on a journalist
| who was later jailed, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday in its
| online edition. *

Yahoo helped China falsely imprison dissident

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| U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos, D-Calif.,
| said on Oct. 16 Yahoo misled his panel at a 2006 hearing about the
| company's role in providing the Chinese government with information
| that sent journalist Shi Tao to jail for a decade.
| [...]
| "Our committee has established that Yahoo provided false
| information to Congress in early 2006," Lantos said in a statement.
| "We want to clarify how that happened, and to hold the company to
| account for its actions both before and after its testimony proved
| untrue."

Yahoo!, Microsoft ink web pact with Chinese government

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| Microsoft and Yahoo! have signed a pact with the Chinese government
| that "encourages" the big name web players to record the identities of
| bloggers and censor content. So says Reporters Without Borders, an
| organization that fights for journalistic rights across the globe. *

Microsoft, Yahoo Tailor Ads To Users' Behavior

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| Google will remain on the sidelines — at least for now. But its Web portal
| rivals are stepping up their efforts to use behavioral targeting to make
| display, or banner, ads more relevant to Web site visitors. *

Yahoo in China human rights case

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| A human rights group in the US is suing Yahoo for alleged complicity in
| rights abuses and acts of torture in China.

Chinese Internet dissident committed to mental hospital

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| "It is not acceptable that Chinese authorities use such methods to silence
| citizens who have merely peacefully voiced their opinions", expressed the
| organisation in an announcement. Apparently authorities have not abandoned
| the practice of punishing those who have exposed the abuse of power and
| defied censorship by compulsorily committing them to mental institutions. * *