Microsoft wriggles on Volta concerns

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| Early interest in the tech preview also generated some initial criticism. A
| common complaint: Volta is a clone of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). The GWT
| is an open-source Java development framework that compiles Java source code
| into JavaScript.


The day Microsoft 'embraced and extended' Java

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| Microsoft was quick to deliver such extensions, presenting a design preview
| the following May. A press release emphasized how Java integrates with
| ActiveX, Windows-specific components. "Developers will be able to write Java
| applets that work with ActiveX Controls... developers can also use Java to
| create ActiveX Controls that work with ActiveX Controls written in other
| programming languages. All of these will run seamlessly on the Java reference
| implementation in Windows," Microsoft said. * * *
| [...]
| Perhaps the greater surprise, twelve years later, is that Java's little
| brother JavaScript, the scripting language aimed at non-programmers, has
| bested Java in browser applications, and as adopted by Adobe in Flash, is
| also giving Microsoft tough competition everywhere from rich internet
| applications to mobile devices. * *

Microsoft patents BlueJ

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| * Feature copying
| * Fear of Microsoft
| * Microsoft's Patent Claim
| * Ethics
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NT influenced by Unix

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| (Gates "And through Windows NT, you can see it throughout the design.
| In a weak sense, it is a form of Unix. There are so many of the
| design decisions that have been influenced by that environment. And
| that's no accident."

The Redmond Copying Machine?

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| "Amazing. New software is put out, a manager sees it and decides that the
| creative part of their day is making color screen captures of the
| software and presenting it to the copying--er, engineering team."