Zenwalk Live 4.8: More Zen Power!

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| As a standard practice since Zenwalk Linux 2.6 (with the exception of 4.0), a
| live CD for Zenwalk Linux will be released, usually 4 to 6 weeks after the
| release of the standard Zenwalk Linux edition (the installation CD). With a
| Zenwalk Linux live CD aka Zenwalk Live or just ZenLive, you can also enjoy
| the goodness of the standard Zenwalk Linux edition without installing it to
| your hard disk.


Test Driving Paldo, the Upkg Driven Linux Distribution

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| Overall, I kinda liked Paldo. It looks nice and clean, it runs smooth (even
| live). The installation was a total pleasure and the whole experience was
| pretty much a joy. However, after playing around more with Upkg, I’ve reached
| the conclusion it’s not the package manager I’ll choose to use on a daily
| basis. Yes, installing additional software is easy but as long as the package
| is already in the Paldo repository.



Zenwalk Live 4.8

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| One of my favorites, ZenWalk, just released Zenwalk 4.8 Live. Both Zenwalk
| and Vector — the top Xfce-based, Slackware-derived distributions — are very
| good, but I like the way Zenwalk looks and works just that much better. *


Zenwalk Live 4.8 Released!

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| With great joy the Zenwalk Live Team presents Zenwalk Live 4.8. This new
| release features the speed, stability and usability of Zenwalk Gnu/Linux with
| several new features geared towards Linux Live CD users. From the beginning
| our goal was to make this the best Live CD ever and it makes us proud to
| offer it to the world. * *


Zenwalk 4.8 Review

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| I am just in love with xfce based distributions; they are fast, simple and
| elegant and Zenwalk is no exception. It has a really good control center and
| out-of-box multimedia support. *


Releases : Zenwalk 4.8 is ready

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| The Zenwalk Team is happy to announce the Zenwalk 4.8 release.
| After several release-candidates, it seems that we are ready for a very
| stable release. Overall, testers have found Zenwalk 4.8 the fastest version
| ever. *


ReviewLinux.Com: Zenwalk 4.8 Review

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| A quick look at the new Zenwalk 4.8 released on October 6 2007. This
| Slackware based Linux OS was a pleasure to look at and test. Several images
| guide you through the install and a short flash video at the end to show you
| Zenwalk 4.8 in action. *


Getting more comfortable with Zenwalk ... and a touchy touchpad

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| So all in all, I'm enjoying the $0 Laptop and Zenwalk. And my touchpad
| training.


Screenshots of Zenwalk Linux 4.8 Beta.

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| It looks like XFCE is being used more often than expected. Just take a look
| at the result of the2007 *Desktop Linux Survey. In this article I will show
| you lots of interesting screenshots of *
| Zenwalk 4.8 Beta.


Releases : Zenwalk Live 4.6 Released!

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| The most important change in 4.6 at the system level is the new tool chain,
| including Binutils-2.17.50, GCC 4.1 and Glibc-2.5, which hve been fully
| implemented. All libraries and applications have been compiled with this
| modern tool chain and benefit from the latest evolutions in GNU software and
| resulting binary optimizations. * *


Releases : Zenwalk 4.6 is out

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| The Zenwalk Team is happy to announce that Zenwalk 4.6 (code name
| "Red Pill") has been released.


Zenwalk 4.2 -- There isn't anything mini about this distro anymore

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| Overall: I am honestly pleased to give this package a 4 Pennie review.
| The simplicity of the system, the functionality and way that Zenwalk
| keeps everything basic. There is no fluff to the system, there is no
| monster 4 Gig download, no extra packages that you will never, ever
| need. The team in France really has a gem. It does need a little
| polish on the installation, especially on the networking, which does
| require some insite, which hopefully we helped you understand. Now,
| it is hard to capture everything you need, so please look to the
| forums or here if you need additional support there. Other than that,
| the installation is pretty easy to follow given that it is a text
| based installer for a slackware system.


Zenwalk 4.6 Beta 1 Screenshot Tour

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| Main changes in this release are: kernel 2.6.21, with KVM support;
| a new toolchain, featuring a new glibc and GCC so that most
| packages have been rebuilt; Xfce 4.4.1 with new plugins and
| system notifications (for example, udev now send user notifications
| about hotplugged devices); Firefox, Thunderbird;
| many improvements in the base system and admin tools. You will
| notice that Zenwalk installer has been simplified a lot, making
| it one of the simplest setups available in the GNU/Linux world...


Zenwalk Live 4.4.1

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| Making up Zenwalk Live 4.4.1 is the new ZenPanel utility for
| system administration, a complete development suite, and a
| variety of new games such as Mega Mario, Frozen Bubble, and
| LBreakout. Zenwalk Live is a LiveCD distribution that ships
| with Xfce 4 so that you may try out Zenwalk without even
| touching your hard drive.


Paldo GNU/Linux 1.2: Yet Another Generic Distro

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| If you've never heard of Paldo, you need to check DistroWatch more. This
| completely new hybrid distribution (source *and* binary backage management)
| has started to get some major attention, and one site even went so far as to
| call it "this year's Sabayon". *


Paldo 1.12 - From Switzerland comes a new flavor of Linux

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| I am honestly pleased to give this package a 4 Pennie review. The
| installation was a pure joy, and running the desktop in live and native modes
| was also very rewarding. *


Interview with a Linux Titan

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| My interview with Jurg Billeter, or juergbi on IRC, took place on a cold
| November morning, the day before the release of Paldo 1.12. If you have not
| heard of Paldo, you are missing out on one of the most intuitive "just work"
| distros out there. It's stable, fast, comes in x86 and x86_64 flavours, uses
| it's own package manager called upkg and can be used as a live CD or
| installed onto your HD. * * *


paldo 1.12 released5 Nov 2007

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| paldo 1.12 has been released with many bug fixes and updates.
| Enhancements to point out:
| * * * Graphical installer on Live CD
| * * * OpenOffice 2.3.0 on x86 and x86_64
| * * * Linux
| * * * GNOME 2.20.1
| * * * X.org 7.3 with input hotplug support
| * * * KDE 3.5.8