The chat files: Jeff Waugh on "Poop" and "Pita"

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| A statement as clear as "MS delivered OOXML to ECMA as-is MS make the
| decisions about changing it we're drilling for docs" was missed which lead to
| a lot of confusion in the Gnome user community. According to some unconfirmed
| rumours a popular SCO case blogger was so pissed that the person considered
| to switch from Gnome to another Desktop environment. I find it nice that the
| Gnome Foundation "drilled" Microsoft for more documentation. But maybe that
| was soo wrong, too? What if the amount of documentation helped them to sell
| their "standard" to ISO?

The podcast was a set-up involving Miguel de Icaza as well, sources say. They
pulled a Doug/Brian Jones routine for the monopolist, says another.


Waugh Partners win 2007 NSW Pearcey Award

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| Sydney-based open source research and consulting firm Waugh Partners has won
| this year's State Pearcey Award for Young Achievers for its work educating
| the ICT sector about free software. *
| Waugh Partners directors Pia and Jeff Waugh received the award, which for the
| first time was presented to two people, instead of an individual.