In a former posting I described the following problem:
If I use a QTable object and want to set multiline horizontal headers, such

"a line,
a second line"

I use the following code:

QHeader * header=myTable->horizontalHeader();
header->setLabel(0,QString("a line, \n a second line"));
QMessageBox::information(0,"Your Header is...",header->label(0));

The result is: the Label of my table is:
a line, a second line
(without linebreak!), whereas the MessageBox shows me:
a line
a second line.
(with linebreak)

No I saw, that the Bug must within libqt-mt-so.3.3.7.
If I replace this library by libqt-mt-so.3.3.6 The design of the widgets
looks a bit different (not so nice), but my table header shows two lines!
Is it a Bug or a new feature?
I don't really like the solution to replace the library by an older one.

Thank you for help, Uwe.