Roy Schestowitz espoused:
> Novell to release Silverlight clone for Linux
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| "We don't know if [Silverlight] becomes successful," De Icaza said, but if
>| so, Moonlight will offer the same functionality to Linux.
>| "We didn't want to be left out. We didn?t want Linux to be a second-class
>| citizen," he said.
>| Novell's agreement with Microsoft, inked last year, has helped de Icaza's
>| team obtain some of the building blocks for the project.
> `----
> This serves nobody by Microsoft. Patents, illusion of "cross-platform"...

It does seem to be all over for the Microsoft monopoly. Vista is really
a non-starter, and whilst one can be certain that a lot of large
companies will stick with another round or two of Microsoft in their
desktops and data centres, small and medium companies, educational
institutions and governments of various kinds are all moving onto open

The new market spaces created by the Nokia 770/800/810 and the Asus Eee
are certain to seed a whole new computing usage pattern, as we drift
closer and closer to Iain M Banks' view of the world where everyone is
connected to the net by some kind of terminal, typically very portable
indeed. The PS3 is seeding a new generation of appliance, and the gap
left between the highly mobile devices and next generation domestic
appliances leaves little room for a specific desktop machine. Even home
servers are best done though eg., Bubba.

Monoplatform developments are just so very very 1990s, and even those
companies trying, perhaps rather late, to migrate their businesses into
the open world, like Dell and Novell, might well have waited far too
long in making their change. Perhaps they will gain enough sales from
the conservative big businesses which can afford to burn millions by
sticking with Microsoft in order to tide them over to the new world.
And perhaps not.

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