Apache Tomcat Climbs Past Commercial Java Products

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| IBM's WebSphere, BEA Systems WebLogic, and Oracle Application Server are the
| big three in Java application servers, among the most successful commercial
| Java products.
| But they're being overshadowed in one respect by a piece of free open source
| code, Tomcat, from the Apache Software Foundation.


Days ago:

Apache gains market share

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| Anyway, in the November statistic Apache grew by 3% (1.29% active sites)
| while IIS lost 1.29% (1.05%). There is no explanation given by Netcraft and
| there has been no big news about any change of some big host or something
| similar (these percent points equal millions of sites!). So this might be
| just a statistical disturbance - or indeed a change of direction. Time will
| tell.