Hard Cash, Cold Logic: Linux

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| That day, Elcot’s managing director, C. Umashankar, walked into his office in
| Chennai, Tamil Nadu and was handed a brand new laptop. He recalls promptly
| giving it back to his PA. “I asked him to load Suse Linux on it. I guess he
| was surprised. But when the installation — complete with drivers and wireless
| networking — only took 45 minutes and very little external effort, there was
| a new confidence in my PA.” That confidence spread quickly. And with it came
| more penguins. Within weeks, the Rs 750-crore Elcot was undergoing a
| enterprise-wide migration to Suse Linux. A year later, Umashankar and his
| team had moved 30,000 computers and 1,880 severs belonging to some of the
| state’s schools to Linux — creating possibly the largest Linux rollout in
| India.
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| As users caught on with Umashankar’s infectious enthusiasm, they started
| getting more familiar with the features of their new OS. Soon a cycle of
| interest developed and users found new ways of switching mail clients to work
| on Suse Linux.