Firefox, Software of the Year 2007 by PC Pro in the UK

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| I like to think that librarians understand better than most the need for
| common standards for information conservation, and the choice of tools to
| access this information, hence choosing massively Firefox.

Waugh Partners win 2007 NSW Pearcey Award

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| Sydney-based open source research and consulting firm Waugh Partners has won
| this year's State Pearcey Award for Young Achievers for its work educating
| the ICT sector about free software.
| Waugh Partners directors Pia and Jeff Waugh received the award, which for the
| first time was presented to two people, instead of an individual.


Firefox voted as Webware 100 winner browser

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| Even further Firefox won in the Browsing category with about 50% of votes,
| followed by Opera with 13%. Internet Explorer 7 and Safari finished third and
| seventh respectively. *

Mozilla Firefox Wins Anti-Spam Award

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| Now Datamation's readers have taken notice, choosing Firefox
| - narrowly - to win its Product of the Year award in theA
| nti-Spam category.