The day Microsoft 'embraced and extended' Java

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| Microsoft was quick to deliver such extensions, presenting a design preview
| the following May. A press release emphasized how Java integrates with
| ActiveX, Windows-specific components. "Developers will be able to write Java
| applets that work with ActiveX Controls... developers can also use Java to
| create ActiveX Controls that work with ActiveX Controls written in other
| programming languages. All of these will run seamlessly on the Java reference
| implementation in Windows," Microsoft said.
| [...]
| Perhaps the greater surprise, twelve years later, is that Java's little
| brother JavaScript, the scripting language aimed at non-programmers, has
| bested Java in browser applications, and as adopted by Adobe in Flash, is
| also giving Microsoft tough competition everywhere from rich internet
| applications to mobile devices.

Moving on to JavaScript recently (more below).


Mozilla, Microsoft drawing sabers over next JavaScript

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| Eich charged in turn that Microsoft's arguments are self-serving. "At best,
| we have a fundamental conflict of visions and technical values between the
| majority and the minority," he wrote. "However, the obvious conflict of
| interest between the standards-based web and proprietary platforms advanced
| by Microsoft, and the rationales for keeping the web's client-side
| programming language small while the proprietary platforms rapidly evolve
| support for large languages, does not help maintain the fiction that only
| clashing high-level philosophies are involved here." * * *


ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

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| An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
| in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
| public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
| Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
| the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon forn
| etwork applications.

Microsoft: Be afraid, be very afraid

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| Here's a scary thought: Microsoft can take over your computer wherever you
| are, and do whatever it wants to. *

Silverlight is about The Microsoft Web.

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| Sorry, but I have to say something very rude. You clearly don't know
| what you're talking about. That is Microsoft PR talking. Can you say
| "credibility loss".
| Silverlight is about The Microsoft Web
| Silverlight is not about the World Wide Web. It's about The Microsoft
| Web. It's about getting fools to rally around Microsoft. After all of
| this time and experience with Microsoft, anybody with half a brain
| will be smart enough to avoid doing that. The last thing you want to
| be is dependent on Microsoft and set yourself up to be a DIRECT
| competitor with "Microsoft Cloud Services" down the road. Dumb.
| Foolish. Stupid. Smart investors won't invest one dime in your
| company and might even short your stock.
| Remember, it's Microsoft's cloud. Microsoft is not investing in
| huge datacenters all around the world for no reason. And, Microsoft
| will do whatever it takes, including operating that new online
| services business at a huge loss, to starve off any smaller
| competitor that foolishly chose to develop on the Silverlight
| platform. Microsoft sold $44 BILLION and cleared $18 BILLION
| profit last year. How many billions did you make last year?

Microsoft's 'Everywhere' excludes Linux

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| This browser add-on enables rendering of WPF content, but
| "Everywhere" doesn't include Linux.