Hardware review: TuxBox Computers SportCoat M750 Laptop

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| It’s been almost seven years since I stopped buying desktops for personal
| computing, and since then, I am always under the impression that buying a new
| laptop to run Linux on is a bigger challenge that it needs to be.



First Impressions: Real life with the Zonbu Laptop Review

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| Overall, I give the Zonbu laptop an 8.5 out of 10.
| The major things holding it back are the need for better flash video
| performance and some key application updates as well as a rethink of the
| physical housing. These things will be addressed in the coming months and the
| device will become indispensible at the current price point. *
| If you’re curious, the entry point is relatively low - order one. You won’t
| regret it.


Hands On: Zonbu's Data Syncing Linux Notebook

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| The $279 Zonbu Notebook is the latest offering from the Open Source computer
| company—following up on the $99 Zonbu Desktop released earlier this year. The
| software is the same OS seen on the desktop, updated with a few new features
| such as real time data syncing. But the question remains: Does Zonbu find the
| sweet spot between solid performance and an entry level price? * *
| [...]
| Without the Zonbu Plan, the laptop will cost $479.