Red Hat joins the Free Java Party in a big way

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| A while ago when Sun first announced that it was open sourcing the Java
| platform, Red Hat joined members of the community in voicing their support.
| In fact they even put a big thank you on their home page.

Barton George: Latest UltraSPARC servers certified for Ubuntu

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| Well its official, as of the Friday before Thanksgiving, the Sun SPARC
| Enterprise T5220 Server (pictured above) and its little brother the Sun SPARC
| Enterprise T5120 Server were certified by Canonical on their latest release,
| Ubuntu 7.10 (nee "Gutsy Gibbon").


Sun, Ubuntu maker certifying Linux on x86 servers

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| Sun Microsystems and Canonical have nearly completed work to certify
| that the Ubuntu version of Linux runs smoothly on Sun's x86 servers,
| sources familiar with the situation said.