Trolltech pours on the Java dev goodness

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| Personally, I think Jambi is an excellent choice on a new project because of
| its extended capabilities, even though it is not free (unless you're working
| on an open source project, in which case a no-cost version is graciously made
| available). I'd still recommend waiting for a rev or two, so that the
| documentation and support for Jambi can be made truly Java-oriented.


Qt Jambi from Trolltech Brings Rich Client Development Speed and Efficiency
to Java Developers

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| Trolltech today announced the availability of Qt Jambi a
| cross-platform, rich client application development framework for Java.

Trolltech's Qt 4.3.0 really begins to dazzle

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| It's not hard to impress me with new visual software. I love eye
| candy, the flashier the better. So it should come as no surprise
| that I'm awfully impressed with the latest version of the Qt
| framework, 4.3.0.

Trolltech Releases Technology Preview of Qt Eclipse Integration

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| Trolltech is pleased to announce a technology preview of an integration
| of Qt with Eclipse. The Qt Eclipse integration will allow both commercial
| and open source Qt developers to use Qt from within the popular IDE.
| The timeline for final release has not yet been confirmed.