I'm having a problem switching virtual text consoles to graphics mode
which kept me busy the whole day but still no luck - so I'm trying

I have an embedded PC that runs Linux (minimalistic Debian Etch
installation). It runs a 800x600x24 bits framebuffer (fb) and the six
standard virtual consoles on top of it (so I see kernel messages and

Via init.d I start a interactive graphics program (GNU Gnash[1], of
which I am one of the developers) that directly accesses /dev/fb. All
works fine except that I want to get rid of the text console that
still may print kernel messages and stuff and thus messes up the

I tried with some ioctl() calls to /dev/tty that disable the keyboard
(KDSETMODE, KG_GRAPHICS) but that only works if I start Gnash via the
command line. Instead, when started automatically at boot time, it has
no controlling tty and thus (I guess) does not let me access the
device (at least it does not let me change keyboard mode). Note the
program does /not/ run as root.

I also tried to request a new virtual terminal (7) but I am unable to
activate it (still probably because I'm not root).

So my question: What would be the best way to avoid any console text
output and avoid the cursor while graphics are being displayed on

Thanks a lot,

[1] http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/