This is the "Will doing an upgrade from FC3 to FC4 totally screw up my
system" thread...

After the upgrade and a post upgrade run of yum...

Things that were running that still work fine:

- Obviously YUM still works.

- Both NICs came up fine. (One static, one dhcp.)

- iptables firewall with masq and port forwarding came up fine (I use a
bash script for my firewall so I make no claims about any of the GUI

- Samba shares from server to clients still working.

- Samba shares from XP box that are mounted in fstab still working.

- ssh works.

- no new services were started.

- squid works fine.

- mysql server still works.

- http/https servers still work.

- X works.

Things that don't work and need further looking into:

- My webpage opens to a blank white page instead of the page it should.
(This may be due to code incompatibilities with PHP 5 and nothing at all
to do with the upgrade itself.)

- vim no longer displays syntax highlights. Should be a simple fix, but
annoying. (Confirmed on second system)

- dovecot/imap/.pem ssh error at boot, pop3/imap not working. Looks like
there's a missing certificate I need to build. (This issue doesn't exist
on second system... most likely an issue with the specific box)

- xdmcp not working. Haven't had time to look into this.

- console display issue... anytime after X is initialized the text console
screen goes black with a green border. (Second system that has a different
video card doesn't have the same issue. The system in question is running
a Matrox Mill G400... that may well be in questionable shape (could be a
hardware problem.))

Other than that, both systems are humming along. The upgrade to FC4 seems
perfectly stable to me. Anyone else having good luck/bad luck?

"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed."
Benjamin Franklin (I didn't know he was a Buddhist)