Human Genome Pioneer and Open-Source Junkie Enters Genomic X-Prize

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| Church Harvard geneticist and Human Genome Project leader George Church has
| entered a team in the Archon X PRIZE for Genomics contest. He's an early
| favorite in the $10 million contest, and -- good news for the rest of us --
| he's an open-source software fan.

Staking the Myth that Free Software Can't Innovate

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| When free software was younger, the myth that it couldn't innovate was
| superficially plausible. It hadn't had the time to do so. But, somewhere in
| the last five or six years, the myth has become too riddled with holes to be
| credible.

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British Airways sets up tech innovation unit

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| The unit's remit also includes open source and a new portal will go live on
| the BA staff intranet in January based on US$723 (350 pounds) open source
| software called Liferay. *
| Coby said: "We are looking at open source. We looked at the big heavy duty
| stuff from the likes of BEA which costs you a big license and support fee but
| this does everything you want." *


The Low Point--a view from the Valley: The innovation game

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| Innovation is a weasel word. It used to earn an honest living, but now it's
| been hijacked by marketing people for dishonest purposes. It's now in the
| same category as "rich". Does anyone now hear the words "rich user
| experience" or "rich client" without thinking of a bloated, Windows-only
| client that doesn't use open or standard protocols? Controlling the language
| like this is power. Whoever defines the words we use can control the way we
| think about things. Our knowledge of language limits how we can express our
| thoughts. Innovation these days is being used as a code word for large,
| corporate controlled research and development, regardless of any results it
| might produce. * * * *

Innovation: The REAL Killer App

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| There is no true innovation in Windows Vista. Microsoft has spent
| years developing a product that nobody cared about or wanted. All
| Microsoft was developing was the operating system they needed to
| perpetuate their Windows franchise. After long hold ups in
| development, this has left their Windows revenues at a trickle.
| The sad thing is the GNU/Linux camp has done little to combat
| this deficiency in innovation. They have been more concerned
| with creating an equivalent product at a better price rather than
| a better product at a better price. Sure GNU/Linux is a better
| product due to its inherent stability, performance and security,
| but these aren't the features that home consumers migrate
| platforms for. True innovation, such as improvements in usability,
| is the only way one can convince consumers to choose your product
| over a stagnant entrenched one like Windows. It is simple free
| market economics, the better product at the best price will win.

Change and development with open source

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| Innovation goes hand in hand with open source software. Open source software
| builds on the innovative nature of people; it comes from people's desire to
| make something better. It also gives people the skills and resources to
| become innovative with software. *
| This is not abstract speculation; a recent report from a group of corporate
| CIOs states, 'faster product cycles are seen as a big advantage for open
| source - CIOs believe that product innovation is faster in open source'. *

Apple's Annual Developer's Conference Disappoints For Its Lack of Innovation

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| Apple shares fell 3.45% yesterday on general investor disappointment
| with what was perceived as a lack of innovation at Apple's annual
| software developer's conference [WWDC].

OK and FST use Linux-based phone to accelerate mobile device innovation

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| Nine months after its official launch, Australian developers have already
| extended the capabilities of the world's first non-proprietary Linux powered
| mobile phone. *

Balancing open source risk and the total innovation opportunity

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| This week I have been banging on and on about the total
| innovation opportunity of using open source software as an
| enterprise development platform.

Can you leave innovation to the customer?

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| Open source innovation: how does it work?
| Ideas or problems are made freely available to anyone who can be bothered to
| look at them. They are then aired in online forums, meaning that glitches are
| ironed out in record time, and the forum creator charges to a manufacturer to
| develop the prototype and get the product onto the shelves. *