Flash Player Update Adds HD Video Support

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| And Linux users, hang on to your hats, Adobe has updated the Linux version of
| Flash Player 9 concurrently with the Windows and Mac versions. Full screen
| playback was a bit stuttery in Ubuntu compared with that on my Mac (both
| using Firefox), but otherwise it functioned identically, which should be
| great news for Linux users who’ve often felt like second class Flash citizens
| in the past. [Update: I should point out the Flash Player 9 is still only
| available for 32 bit Linux.]


NVIDIA XRender Performance Improved

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| Towards the middle of last month, NVIDIA had released the 169.04 Beta Linux
| Driver. The change-log was quite lengthy and what we had discovered while
| benchmarking the GeForce 8 series was that there were improvements to be
| found in this release and it was far more than a simple version bump.



Why Flash 9 for Linux is taking so long

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| The good news is that, going forward, Linux shouldn't be out of sync
| with other platforms again. Betlem says that Adobe is planning to
| "simultaneously deliver Windows, Mac, Linux in unison. It's not our
| intention to have a delta between ship dates" for Flash 10.


Flash Player 9 Update

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| This update, codenamed “Moviestar,” includes new features, enhancements and
| bug fixes for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions of Flash Player 9,
| including: *
| * * * Support for H.264 video and HE-AAC audio codecs.
| * * * Multi-core support for vector rendering.
| * * * Full screen mode with hardware scaling.
| * * * Flash Player cache for common platform components, such as the Flex
| * * * framework.
| * * * Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) in the Windows
| * * * plug-in.


Could AMD move open desktop Linux market?

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| AMD’s recent move to fully support open source graphics could be the best
| news desktop Linux has had in a long time.


NVIDIA 169.04 Driver Brings Improvements

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| Most notably, with the NVIDIA 100.14.19 driver with a GeForce 8800GTS 640MB
| we found major performance gains. With the NVIDIA 169.04 Beta driver we have
| once again found significant performance improvements for the GeForce 8
| series on Linux. While there were no improvements with the GeForce 8600GT in
| Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the improvements were very noticeable in Doom 3
| and Quake 4. This updated Linux driver has also corrected some monitor issues
| we previously had with incorrectly parsing the EDID information and other
| bugs.


NVIDIA: Got Specifications?

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| This past week AMD raised the Linux graphics bar by not only announcing their
| new fglrx graphics driver, which delivers Radeon HD 2000 support, immense
| performance improvements, and AIGLX, but it was accompanied by an
| announcement that they will be delivering specifications to the X.Org
| development community. These two announcements came after intense work
| internally at AMD and over a long period of time, but literally overnight it
| changed the minds of many Linux users on how they judge this company with its
| once notorious binary blob. AMD has really set a precedence for showing that
| a semiconductor company once criticized to no end with their proprietary
| software can update their views to assist and embrace the open-source Linux
| community while remaining competitive as a company in a triopoloy market.
| They have also thus reaffirmed that Linux is a viable desktop operating
| system. But the ball has now landed in NVIDIA's court. NVIDIA can either play
| ball by pushing forward with a similar effort, and then all of the big three
| GPU manufacturers would be cradling an open-source strategy, or they may find
| themselves in trouble down the road.