CNR beta brings software to the desktop

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| CNR can be used to find, install and update software for Debian and RPM-based
| Linux distributions that use the standard .deb and .rpm formats. The CRN
| repository aggregates open source software from various existing repositories
| to offer a wide, distribution-independent selection of open source software.


Pioneer Linux 3.0.2 has been released

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| The Pioneer Explorer and Renegade offerings include the LinSpire CNR client
| preinstalled. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| [...]
| The current final release candidates all use KDE, which has a simpler
| interface for Windows users to transition to Pioneer. It is expected that
| Renegade will be released early next week with a Gnome interface to meet the
| community demand for a different interface. No decisions have been made as of
| yet to include the Gnome desktop as a Basic offering wrapped with support.

Linspire Needs to Drop OS, Focus Exclusively On CNR

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| You have an opportunity here to keep to Linspire's original goal here, Larry.
| Make CNR the pivot factor that brings restricted codecs and software to Linux
| in an elective format through CNR. Purists will be appeased, since the distro
| itself is left alone by default and casual users will have the choice to
| expand on their Linux installation the way they see fit with CNR at the
| controls. * *

Revolutionizing CNR with OPIUM

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| The results of our research were both surprising and exciting. We
| found that by treating the problem in an entirely different way to
| APT (the details of which I?ll leave to the paper, linked at the
| bottom of this letter) we were able to provide solutions to all
| of these problems. Perhaps even more valuably, we were able to
| quantify the benefits of fixing these problems and get a concrete
| idea of how often APT is wrong and what the cost is when it is.

Linspire CEO on opening up CNR: share the bread

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| Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony says his company is opening up its CNR
| ("Click 'N Run") software download and management service to otherL
| inux distributions because "Linux really needs an easier way to
| find and install software, regardless of which flavor of Linux
| you're using."
| [...]
| According to Carmony, Linspire has been working on this project
| more more than a year.

CNR For all - Linspire Gives back, But Why?

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| Regardless of any suspicions people might have about Linspire's
| motives, this latest development with CNR can only be seen as a
| good thing for the future of Linux on the Desktop. Look out for
| CNR in the next few months, coming to a distribution near you,
| and be sure to check back here for a review as soon as it goes
| live on Debian.

Linspire Standardizes Software Installation Across Linux Distributions

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| Linspire's CNR ("Click 'N Run") Service to support popular Linux
| distributions, including Debian, Fedora, Freespire, Linspire,
| OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu