New Version of EnGarde Secure Linux Released

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| If you had a chance to read "Linux Firewalls" and wanted to give them a try,
| EnGarde is the perfect platform to get your hands on these new tools for the
| best in secure servers.


Guardian Digital announces introduction of completely redesigned SurfSecure

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| Guardian Digital, the world's premier open source Internet security company,
| reinforced their dedication to web security with completely redesigned and
| updated version of their popular Web and Content Filtering solution,
| SurfSecure. *
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| The combined force of the brand new SurfSecure solution, along with the
| award-winning EnGarde Linux Platform, allows organizations to get the best of
| both worlds: Leading-edge technology from IBM to ensure the most secure,
| efficient corporate web usage, with the robust architecture of the veteran *
| Open Source platform, EnGarde Secure Linux. * *

EnGarde -- Secure Linux Server

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| This will be an unusual review, due to the fact that the distribution under
| review doesn’t have an X server, and you don’t really need to login on it to
| work… This review is about the just released EnGarde Secure Server 3.0.16
| developed by Guardian Digital company with the help of the community. *

Launch of EnGarde Linux Community: New Support for Virtualization, Quick
Download and Multiple Enhancements

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| This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes, some feature
| enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, and a few
| new features. They include completely new support for virtual machines (KVM),
| a new, quick download process, improvements to the navigation interface and
| more. * *

The LXer Interview: Dave Wreski of EnGarde Secure Linux

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| Open source has slowly but surely shed its skin only as an "alternative" and
| is now considered a primary solution. *

Veteran Open Source Security firm releases Server platform: EnGarde Secure
Linux Community
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| Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community
| 3.0.17 (Version 3.0, Release 17). *

Review : Engarde Secure Linux

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| There are hundreds of Linux distributions targeting a diverse sets of users.
| While quite a number of these Linux distributions - especially the main
| stream ones - position themselves as a universal solution to all your Linux
| expectations, there are some of them which take a specialist role of one form
| or other, catering to a specific set of Linux users. * *