Func team puts network management back in sysadmins' control

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| DeKoenigsberg envisions Func as an integral part of Red Hat's new Linux
| automation strategy of "certify once, deploy anywhere. This is another piece
| of that. We don't want to oversell this idea -- it's in its infancy -- but it
| does have the potential to be one of the things at the center of that
| automation strategy.

Network-Manager-GNOME vs. Wicd Reviewed

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| Having spent the last few days really examining what Gutsy has to offer on
| the wireless front, I have been content with improvements made to the
| network-manager for GNOME. Having thoroughly tested my RT2500 and RT61 Ralink
| wireless cards, I was impressed with the new wireless stack and
| network-manager's ability to handle the wireless cards with zero hassle.


Home networking software as open source

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| A consortium of 15 partners, including Philips, France Telecom, Telefónica
| and Microsoft and research facilities in Germany, France, the Netherlands,
| Greece and Spain has developed an open and standardized middleware for
| networking the home in a simple fashion. ¬*
| [...]
| To coincide with the release of the software as open source the international
| consortium backing Amigo has launched a competition, referred to as the Amigo
| Challenge; there three prizes are awarded in three different categories. In
| the "Hardware" category the point is to link hardware to the Amigo software
| layer, integrate it and let it interact with the intelligent networked home. ¬* ¬*