Q&A: Open-source backer Eben Moglen says software a 'renewable' resource

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| What about Microsoft and its occasional patent threats to Linux? My job has
| been preparing for those activities for more years than Microsoft has been
| preparing. I have been thinking about how their patent portfolio might be
| used against the free world since long before the bulk of the free world was
| my client. I have spent more time studying that problem than Microsoft has
| spent creating that problem. It doesn't keep me awake at nights but it keeps
| me at work during the day. If in the process of irreversible change,
| Microsoft launches its missiles, which other dying empires like the Soviet
| Union, have managed not to do, but if as a dying empire Microsoft launches
| its missiles, we will protect our clients. If they die without launching
| their missiles, it will be better for everyone.



Interview: Open-source advocate Eben Moglen

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| It's not surprising, given his gift for speech and passion for
| furthering the use of free and open software, that his name was
| on a list of individuals that emerged earlier this month that were
| apparently facing a potential "gagging" order from the SCO as part
| of its ongoing legal tussle with IBM over patent infringement in
| the Linux operating system.