Ubuntu Developer Summit lays out vision for strong Hardy Heron release

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| A complete visual refresh is also planned, including a completely new icon
| theme that will use more SVG and integrate better with the Tango icons used
| by GNOME and other upstream projects. Another topic that was very briefly
| discussed was the possibility of creating a GTK theme that takes advantage of
| compositing functionality, something that probably won't happen within the
| Hardy development cycle. The visual refresh plans are extensive, and were
| discussed in greater detail during the Hardy theming spec session.


Sounds like a KDE 4 catchup. Competition is good.


Update: Hardy Theme Mockup Update: Hardy Theme Mockup

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| Mockups for Ubuntu Hardy Heron.


Hardy Alpha 1 released

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| Welcome to Hardy Heron Alpha-1, which will in time become Ubuntu 8.04.


Eaton Announces UPS Support for Ubuntu

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| Ubuntu keeps moving mainstream: Eaton announced UPS support. *


Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Alpha: A First Look

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| The first alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04 (codenamed Hardy Heron) was scheduled
| to be released today, but the official release has been pushed back until
| tomorrow. However, a preliminary CD image of this first alpha release for
| Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has surfaced today on the Internet. * *