Asus EeePc available on the Romanian market!

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| This one came in the mailbox, the post_mail_box, of course. Mediagalaxy
| included this cutie in their latest advertisement paper. We’ve been watching
| it for a while, now that it’s here it seems unbelievable!

ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf - Galaxy Black Intel processor 7" WVGA Integrated Graphics
for $349.99

They just can't manufacture them fast enough to keep up with demand.

HotHardware Interview on Asus Eee PC

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| was one of the very first sites to review the Asus Eee and
| report back on this new device. Read on for an interview with Editor-in-Chief
| Dave Altavilla and his thoughts on the Asus Eee PC and its value proposition.


Asus EeePC sold out across Australia

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| The word from our ear on the ground is that the Asus EeePC sub-notebook,
| which made its Australian debut in the Myer department store chain on 2
| December, was sold out completely across stores in the major capitals by
| Sunday.


Asustek Aims 20% of the PC Market in 2010 with Eee PC.
Traditional PCs Are Too Powerful, Eee PC – Going Back to Basics, Says Asustek

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| “I think the chance of surpassing 20% in 2010 is very high because there will
| be further [Asus Eee] products in the future,” said Jonney Shih, chief
| executive of Asustek, in an interview with DigiTimes web-site.