Red Hat exec says Novell sells beta code

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| Red Hat has an announcement tomorrow that we'll be telling you about in due
| course. In the meantime, here's a snippet: a Red Hat vice president slated
| Novell's real-time SUSE Linux which launched last week, saying it's code that
| Red Hat would only treat as beta - and Red Hat should know because it wrote
| most of it.

Novell is regularly caught FUDing Red Hat.


Q&A: Novell CEO, Ron Hovsepian

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| Q How do you position yourselves in relation to Red Hat?
| A They are an edge server strategy company with one product. We have a
| two-year lead on them for desktops.

Red Hat's Answer to Novell Market Start *

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| "Novell's model is a different channel-friendly model, whereas Red Hat is
| putting them on an online exchange," Novell's Steinman argued. "It's kind
| of an interesting question for the marketplace to see which model will
| succeed."
| [...]
| "They're doing something we've already done and they're doing it slightly
| differently," Justin Steinman, Novell's director of product marketing for
| Linux, told about RHX. "I'd actually submit they are doing
| it in a channel unfriendly way."