New Version of KDE 4 RC1 LiveCD Available

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| The newest version of KDE Four Live, an openSUSE-based Live CD for testing
| KDE 4, was released three days ago, just nine days after the initial version
| that included Release Candidate 1 was released.


Screenshots of KDE 4 Beta 1 Live DVD.

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| In order to verify the future Mepis 7.x's compatibility with KDE 4,
| Warren Woodford of MEPIS has released he first two Live DVD iso images
| of beta quality on 10th of August 2007 for testing.

KDE Four Live v0.5 [Screenshots]

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| The third beta of KDE 4.0 was released this past week and today the KDE folks
| are out with KDE Four Live v0.5, which is based upon OpenSuSE. The KDE Four
| Live image contains all modules for KDE 4.0, KOffice 2.0 SVN, and other
| cutting-edge developments with v0.5 being the KDE 3.94.1 snapshot. At
| Phoronix we have taken a few screenshots to share from this very attractive
| desktop environment. * *

MEPIS releases KDE 4 Beta 1 Live DVDs

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| In a statement, Jos Poortvliet of the KDE Project said, "The KDE project is
| happy to see MEPIS Linux leading the way in bringing the next-generation
| desktop technology to their users. This decision of early adoption of KDE 4
| by the MEPIS developers will ensure a premier KDE experience for the users.
| We hope KDE 4 will be appreciated, and we look forward to the constructive
| comments from the MEPIS community."


KDE4 Devel Live-CD Review: Work in Progress

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| The LiveCD edition of KDE4 clearly shows that a significant amount
| of work has been dedicated to the project already. There is however
| a lot to be finished before the new version of KDE will shine. I
| think that the stability and quality of the SVN version is not a
| big deal -- all development code is unstable and lacks features.
| KDE4 promises to be a modern and functional environment with a
| huge collection of remarkable apps, well integrated with each
| other, starting with a the office suite, though file management,
| multimedia and even programmer tools. Great achievements,
| however, require time.

KDE 4 development Live CD available

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| An openSuse based Live DVD with an up-to-date snapshot of KDE 4
| development packages is available. With a virtual machine this
| makes it easy to have a look at the upcoming KDE 4.