Stratus' fault-tolerant, RHEL juggernaut

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| Now, Stratus has introduced the ftServer 4400, running RHEL (Red Hat
| Enterprise Linux) Advanced Server 4.5 x86_64, which is about as standard as
| it gets. This is very good news for anyone who doesn't do Windows and is
| looking to deploy a completely redundant server. Yes, I do mean completely
| redundant.


Red Hat Pits Itself Against VMware

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| Red Hat’s new goal is to underpin 50% of the world’s servers by 2015.
| And since virtualization is projected to take over the world by then that’s a
| lot of Xen virtualization – and there’s no extra cost in it like there is
| with VMware since it’s bundled with RHEL. (Red Hat’s telling people they’ll
| save $20,000-$30,000 a server.) * *