Pros And Cons Of Linux. Is It Right For Your Business?

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| Linux is a fantastic and powerful operating system that can handle most or
| all of your operating needs. It is secure, fast, reliable, and generally
| extremely cost effective. When purchased or obtained through a reliable
| distributor and installed and configured correctly there are virtually no
| drawbacks to running Linux. Additionally, you don’t have to give up your
| windows if you don’t want to.


Linux gains despite and because of Microsoft

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| Despite the heightened competition over the last two quarters from
| Microsoft-Novell and a move by Oracle to undercut Red Hat on the cost of Red
| Hat Linux support service, Red Hat has reported double-digit growth in
| revenue and an increase in profit. *
| “The success of Red Hat has been able to validate the future potential for
| open source software,” Szulik says.
| Emerging countries are also lucrative markets for Linux, says IDC’s Gillen,
| because there isn’t as much of the legacy Windows technology to have to
| displace. *

Businesses having second thoughts about Vista

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| Fewer businesses are now planning to move to Windows Vista than seven months
| ago, according to a survey by patch management vendor PatchLink Corp., while
| more said they will either stick with the Windows they have, or turn to Linux
| or Mac OS X. *

Software Assurance Storm Warning

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| In a report to be published today, Forrester Research sees a series of
| customer hurricanes coming Microsoft's way. If they strike, they could wash
| away many Software Assurance contracts. Software Assurance is the discounted
| upgrade option available with Open, Open Value and Select volume licensing
| contracts. * *

Are You Ready to Switch to Linux and Open Source Software?

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| In spite of these factors, industry analysts and the venture community are
| bullish on the small and midsize sector as a market for Linux and open source
| software. More IT talent is coming out of our schools with Linux expertise,
| and major vendors are increasing their emphasis on this segment. Watch this
| space for encouraging news.