Tiny PCs use pico-ITX main board

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| The systems will be available with STTech's own "customized, optimized
| version of Gentoo Linux," according to spokesman Ben Sharp. Sharp added,


Zonbu runs Gentoo as well.

Last week:

Hands On: Zonbu's Data Syncing Linux Notebook

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| The $279 Zonbu Notebook is the latest offering from the Open Source computer
| company‚ÄĒfollowing up on the $99 Zonbu Desktop released earlier this year. The
| software is the same OS seen on the desktop, updated with a few new features
| such as real time data syncing. But the question remains: Does Zonbu find the
| sweet spot between solid performance and an entry level price? ¬* ¬*
| [...]
| Without the Zonbu Plan, the laptop will cost $479.



Zonbu Mini PC: Boom or Boo-Boo?

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| With some refinement, and if Zonbu recieves enough capital, this PC could be
| a respectable purchase in the enterprise moreso than for consumers --
| consider the successes from Sun Microsystems and Wyse Technology -- those are
| thin-clients but, again, the Zonbu device could be a great compromise if
| properly supported. ¬* ¬*


Zonbu GNU/Linux computer

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| Zonbu is a very simple system. It is geared for users who may not necessarily
| care what operating system they are using, but someone who just wants a
| functional system. Zonbu does exactly that. The software is very
| straightforward to use. Zonbu is very environmentally friendly. Not only does
| it not require a lot of power to run, it also does not contribute to noise
| pollution. ¬* ¬*


They made KDE look similar to the Vista (bar the 'features', e.g. DRM, BSoD).

$99 Zonbu Linux PC On Sale Today

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| We've had our hands on these super-green Linux-and-Via powered babies for a
| little while, but now it's your turn. Even though the beta program is
| expected to run until September, Zonbu is confident that the hardware on 1.0
| is locked. That's why today, the company started selling the little box, but
| will cover the first three months of software support, technically a beta
| run, for free. ¬* ¬*


Linux net PC prototype gains favorable review

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| PC Magazine reviewer Patrick Norton likes the Zonbox's low power requirements
| and complement of pre-loaded software, which includes Skype, the Banshee
| music jukebox, OpenOffice, and Firefox. YouTube video playback and mp3
| ripping are less than perfect, he reports. However, the Zonbox uses only 11
| Watts to play DVDs (external USB DVD player required). It can output to a
| 720p high-definition TV with "no problems," Norton found. ¬* ¬* ¬*


Review: Zonbu, the $99 Linux Computer

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| There's a lot to like about Zonbu, including its three-year replacement
| warranty. With your configuration information and all your data backed up in
| the Zonbu online storage space, when you plug in, you can restore your
| machine instantly. As an added plus, Zonbu is environmentally friendly; the
| company claims the computer uses a fraction of the electricity of a standard
| PC, which will cut down on your company's electricity costs. ¬* ¬*


Zonbu to Roll Out $99 Linux-Based Computer This Summer

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| There's a cheap computer on the way that undercuts them all, the $99
| Zonbu, due this summer in a silent-running form factor that's about
| the size of a paperback book.


Gizmodo get their hands on Zonbu's remote-storage Linux PC

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| Gizmodo have been playing with a halfway solution, Zonbu?s $99
| Linux PC, which runs open-source software on a fanless 1.2MHz
| platform but utilises Amazon?s S3 storage servers to save your files.


Zonbu PC--the little, green rental machine

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| The Zonbu PC easily fits in your hand, and initially costs $99--with a
| two-year subscription for online storage that costs between $12.50 and $19.95
| each month. You can buy just the PC for $249 with no storage agreement--and
| no storage. Zonbu does let you cancel the subscription at any time. ¬*