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| For Windows Users By Previous Windows Users. Ultumix is Based on PCLinuxOS



PCLinux - PCLinuxOS 2007 review

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| PCLinux - PCLinuxOS 2007 features - Verdict
| A polished, accessible and tight Linux distribution that shows continued
| signs of improvement. It's not bleeding edge, but it is very good.


PclinuxOS, radically simple: Plug ‘n Play

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| The article I am writing is about PCLinuxOS, but probably is not very
| different for other Linux distributions. A few weeks ago I installed
| PCLinuxOS for the first time and was impressed by the ease of stabilizing my
| internet connection and the speed of installation. Since that first day
| PCLinuxOS managed to surprise me several other times. * *


My PCLinuxOS “WOW” moment

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| Conclusions: In the end I must admit that there are several advantages for
| users that plan to change from Windows to Linux, like the ease of
| installation of restricted drivers and codecs. *


Another Day Another Distro – Part 4 – PCLinuxOS 2007

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| So after my positive experience of Mandriva 2008 it was time to reluctantly
| pack my bags and move on. My destination this time was PCLinuxOS 2007 which
| is not a distribution I'd tried before. *


PCLinuxOS: Linux Distribution

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| One notable difference from Mandriva is the program used to install
| extra software. We found this much easier to use and includes useful
| software such as graphics drivers.
| Unlike some other distributions, PCLinuxOS can play back
| proprietary multimedia files (including wma, mp3, mpg, rm,
| mov) without having to install extra software. DVD playback
| software is not included but can be installed with the
| standard installation tool.


Review: PcLinuxOS 2007

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| While PcLinuxOS does still have a bit of growing to do, out of all the
| linux distributions out there, I'd easily rate this one as the best in
| every way because of all that it does, how easy it is to use, how ready
| it is to use out of the box, and most especially in the area of
| appeasing both camps, the new user and the experienced user.


PClinuxOS 2007.0 Review

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| I am a Kubuntu user since version 6.06. However, that hasn't made
| me blindly consider (k)ubuntu to be the best linux distro; I am
| always open to newcomers. In recent days, PClinuxOS 2007.0 was
| released, and quickly hit the top of of the distrowatch charts.
| I decided to download it and give this relatively new distribution
| a text run on my Acer Aspire 5050 laptop, nicknamed the geebee.


PCLinuxOS Magazine October 2007 Released

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| As we always do, the HTML version is simultaneously being published for low
| bandwidth users. *The HTML Site is W3C standards compliant for easy browsing.
| Some highlights include:
| * *1. Tips for a Cooler Laptop
| * *2. KDE User Guide, Part 9
| * *3. The Hardware Database Needs You
| * *4. Keyboard Shortcuts
| * *5. How to repair a broken xorg.conf
| * *6. And more...


PCLinuxOS - the new Number One distribution

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| PCLinuxOS As many of you noticed, PCLinuxOS has overtaken Ubuntu in our Page
| Hit Ranking statistics and is currently occupying the top spot on the default
| 6-month view for the first time. *


Heavenly Hardware Support

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| Printer, camera, scanner--all detected and configured in less than 2 minutes.
| PCLinuxOS has knocked my socks off!