Preliminary KDE-EDU screenshots^WPhotos

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| KDE-EDU meeting has started on Mandriva offices at Paris, some quick photos
| for the impatient.

KDE 4.0 is coming next month.

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KDE Commit Digest

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| Shawn Starr gives a multimedia overview of the progress of the Plasma Weather
| data engine and the beginning implementation of the Weather Plasmoid...


KDE 4 Is Almost Ready to Go

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| With this release candidate, the majority of KDE 4's components are almost
| ready for prime time. At the same time, with the final bits of Plasma , the
| brand-new desktop shell and panel in KDE 4, falling into place, Release
| Candidate 1 is the first preview of KDE 4.0 that is suitable for general use. *

Unveiling the winners of the Oxygen contest for wallpapers

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| With the announcement of the Oxygen Wallpaper Contest in August, we, the
| Oxygen Team, intended to have the KDE community give the brand new KDE 4
| desktop its face - and the response was overwhelming! Artists and KDE
| enthusiasts submitted around 2000 high quality pictures, most of them being
| fantastic wallpapers. * *

[KDE:] Ladies and Gentlemans, we have a default wallpaper!

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| After a week of pondering and discussing we’ve finally chosen which will be
| the default wallpaper!

Ready for a new K: an inside look at KDE 4.0

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| When I see how fast new contributors get productive,
| fixing bugs and asking questions on mailing lists - I know it’s working.
| It makes me feel stupid.

Conference aims KDE at educational institutions

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| All people interested in Free Educational Software are invited to
| come, including developers, administrators, teachers, parents,
| community groups, and associations, a KDE spokesperson said.

KDE 4: the ultimate business desktop?

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| Since beginning as a one-person project over ten years ago, the
| fourth generation of the K Desktop Environment (KDE) is poised to
| be the most business-friendly open source desktop to date with a
| host of new features ideal for enterprises.
| [...]
| Rodda is also bullish about KDE 4's ability to attract more commercial ISVs
| to port applications to the environment, primarily because of the
| multi-platform capability that comes with using Qt 4.

Sirius Teams Up with KDE

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| Mark Taylor, CEO, Sirius Corporation said: "KDE is a high-quality
| desktop that has always had a strong following in the Open Source
| community. By becoming a sponsor of the project, we now want to raise
| its profile in the Enterprise."