Breaking news: Wikipedia announces Creative Commons compatibility!

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| So what does this mean for Wikipedia? A lot of people will now be able to
| legally mix Wikipedia and Creative Commons content. This announcement marks
| the end of a lack of interoperability of the licenses that was making the
| content less “free” for the users.


Openness 'Mandatory,' Says Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales

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| Wales is on the board of Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that has
| released licenses for music, photographs and other content that are more open
| than traditional copyrights. He also predicted that as Creative Commons
| licenses become more popular, it will help contribute to the culture of
| openness and transparency that is taking shape online. * *
| "Openness and transparency are going to be absolutely mandatory," Wales
| said. "The public expects it, the public deserves it, and there are ways that
| we can make that happen today." *

Wikipedia - $1,000,000 in donations!

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| Wikipedia entered 2007 as one of the most visited 10 websites
| in the world. What could be more relevant as a proof of success?

Microsoft Hires Programmer [Shill] to edit Wikipedia Entry For OOXML

Cjhebgen re-writing SCO's history on Wikipedia

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| It's very interesting what changes they try and make. Like they've
| removed the link to Groklaw