Ubuntu Muslim Edition 7.10 final version released

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| The Ubuntu Muslim Edition team is proud to announce the final version of
| UbuntuME 7.10. This version has exactly the same features as the 7.04 version
| but is built on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon).


New Version of IPCOP (Linux distro) just released:



Linux distro or network traffic cop? It's both!

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| The bottom line is that IPCop is a mature, robust, sophisticated, and
| well-polished security distribution. It's also well supported. The
| installation and administration documentation is excellent, and I've found
| the #IPCop IRC channel on freenode.net to be a friendly, helpful place to ask
| questions of other IPCop users. ¬* ¬*



Welcome to UbuntuME!

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| UbuntuME stands for Ubuntu Muslim Edition. Ubuntu Muslim Edition is
| a free, open source operating system ¬*based on the popular Ubuntu Linux.


Why Having 500+ Distros is a Good Thing

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| Perhaps next time the author might think about what they're
| saying...because limiting the number of distros out there is
| absolutely NOT the way to go to accomplish anything other
| than limiting innovation.


Too many free operating systems? I don't think so.

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| And people say there is too much choice?? It pretty much comes down to
| basically only 3 ways. Choose one and you're already going to be making
| significant compromises.
| No. The killer distro hasn't arrived yet. Not for me. Until it does, I will
| be on the look out for more choice, not less.


The distro jungle

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| People who are new to Linux are often confused by the large number of
| distributions to choose from. The good news is that you can safely ignore
| most of them. This article helps you choose a distribution for getting
| started with your Linux exploration‚ÄĒand helps you understand just what
| it is you've just chosen.


359 Choices

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| I would also strongly dispute the notion that IT managers would be daunted by
| these many distros. No offense, but any IT manager worth their salt is not
| just going to visit Distrowatch to find their first Linux distribution
| deployment. They're going to research other sources, talk to peers, and very
| likely contact the larger commercially oriented distribution companies. So
| again, tossing out the Big! Scary! 359! Distros! number is really just
| that--a scare tactic. ¬* ¬* ¬*


Tech media doesn’t get open source

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| I just want to tell the tech media that
| ¬* ¬* * Open Source is not a business model. It is a platform on which
| ¬* ¬* ¬* different business models can play out. It is a great leveler of
| ¬* ¬* ¬* the business playing field.
| ¬* ¬* * Open Source is fully democratic. Please take time to understand
| ¬* ¬* ¬* how consensus is built in the open source communities, especiall
| ¬* ¬* ¬* in the kernel group.
| ¬* ¬* ¬* [...]