I've got a number of domains that I'm paying someone else to host and a number
of friends in the same boat. I also have a new 10 Mbps up and down connection
to the Internet. I'm thinking about setting up one of my boxes as a Linux web
server. I've setup Linux firewalls, DNS, Apache, etc so I'm pretty sure of my
skills with those applications. And if this were just for me I'd be set, but
what makes this hard are those friends. I like them and all, but I don't
want spend every waking minute setting up user accounts, email, web traffic
monitoring, and all those other things a paid ISP provides.

So what do the ISP's use to do all these functions? Given that I'll be saving a
few dollars every month on hosting fees I am willing to spend a few, but free is
always better. ;-) Can anyone suggest any technical books or links on howto
setup your own Internet hosting?