KDE 4: some reasons for design decisions

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| The first KDE 4 release will come along with several major changes compared
| to KDE 3.x. While explanations for these changes have been posted at several
| places before there is a central list missing which explains the reasons to
| normal users. This post lists some hot topics and tries to shed some light on
| the reasons behind certain decisions..


Show all desktops

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| So I put the panel on there, big deal. While this is a small improvement I
| think that it helps in a few ways. It makes the whole feature about managing
| windows, which is what a window manager is for, if the windows are zoomed out
| or if you're using the title bars.



Compiz Fusion Community News for November 20th: Features, Features, Features *

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| Wow, Atlantis now shaping up to look like a real aquarium! Not only are there
| fish swimming around inside your cube, but there is now water! It would be
| illegal not to post a screenshot... *


KDE 4: Plasma drag&drop, Digikam multiple storages

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| KDE 4 will be released in the next months, and most of the developers focus
| on polishing. At the same time, the big 3rd party KDE applications are ported
| to KDE 4. *


Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 - Review

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| Compiz Fusion is certainly bringing some of the more exciting features found
| on any computing platform to the Linux desktop. With their development 0.5.2
| release there’s just a whole lot more to get excited about. Widgets will most
| likely become insanely popular and should quickly see growth of new third *
| party applications for that plugin. “Shift Switcher” is an absolutely great
| way to manage all your active windows and there’s even a Cover Flow like
| ability to flip through those active windows. “Expo” is an exciting new way
| to view all your virtual desktops on one screen. Simply stated, whenever your
| favorite Linux distro releases their next big release, expect to see Compiz
| Fusion bundled with it and prepare to be impressed. Now that I have used
| Compiz Fusion extensively, going back to a regular 2D desktop is just
| something I’m not willing to do. Nice job Compiz Fusion. * * * * *


Largo still loves Linux

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| Largo system administrator Dave Richards and his coworkers are excited about
| bringing the 3-D Compiz-Fusion desktop to Largo. They currently have about 30
| users testing it, and other city employees who have seen the demo desktops
| are begging to have it available on their accounts, too, so a citywide
| rollout is only a matter of time.