Windows is !easy, Linux is !hard.

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| Note: These are Microsoft programs written by Microsoft and supplied by MS's
| web site.
| * Find the programs on the web site.
| * Download them.
| * Run MSDE to find that it just unpacked itself to a directory.
| * Go to that directory and run setup.
| * Find out that I had to supply a command line switch.
| * Go to the command line and run the setup again with the command line
| switch.
| * #$%&!@ click, #$%&!@ click, #$%&!@ click, #$%&!@ click
| * Reboot the computer.
| * Run the setup for web data admin.
| * Get a message that it needs .net 1.1
| * #$%&!@ and #$%&!@ about dependency hel
| [...]
| Just for kicks I went through the equivalent procedure in Kubuntu.
| * Start up Adept Manager.
| * Put the term "postgre" in the search box and wait a couple of seconds
| for all postgresql programs to list.
| * Choose install for postgresql as the closest thing to MS's MSDE.
| * Choose install for postgresql-client just because I felt like it.
| * Choose install for phppgadmin as the closest thing to MS'S web data
| admin.
| * Click on Apply Changes
| * Start making a cup of coffee while everything is downloaded and
| installed.
| * Close Adept Manager after everything was installed.
| * Finish making my cup of coffee and drink it while playing with the
| database.


Christer Edwards: Ubuntu 7.10 vs Windows XP : The Story of the Hotel Printer

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| I then click print in Evince and out comes the document. *Done. *You know,
| people still insist on telling me that they don’t want to run Linux because
| its harder, or that Windows XP just works for what they want to do. *Are you
| kidding me? *Just this evening it took me twice as much work to *try* and
| print something, which never worked. *Ubuntu “just worked”… go figure. * *

The Perception that Windows is Easier to Use than Ubuntu

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| I've often read in these forums Ubuntu new users claiming
| in a matter-of-fact way something along the lines of "Who
| are we kidding? Just face it--Windows is easier to use than
| Ubuntu." It's that obvious, is it? And, of course, it makes
| anyone who disagrees look like some kind of crazy Linux
| zealot.