Linux vs. Unix (Cost)

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| What’s going on is that moving between Unix variants like Solaris and Linux
| is fairly easy, but comments like Anton’s reflect Microsoft’s success in
| piggy-backing a general anti-Unix message on Red Hat’s anti-Sun sales
| strategy - and that’s the bottom line: for Anton this whole Unix/Linux
| distinction is probably just a mistake, for Microsoft it’s a deliberate and
| dishonest marketing ploy, and for you it’s a mind trap to avoid.

The Root of All Evil

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| So, what is all this talk about? Well, the point is: I'm very concerned about
| OpenSolaris' future and the future of this community as well, being the
| reason something called Project Indiana.


An Open Letter to the Community: A Proposed Solution

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| In closing, I believe in light of recent frustrations that a word be devoted
| to Mr Ian Murdock. I have had the pleasure of meeting with him several times
| since coming to Sun and getting to know his mind. I believe with ever core of
| my being that he is one of the most open minded and receptive technologists
| that I've ever met. I am personally offended by the various accusations that
| he is closed minded or inflexible. I humbly ask the community to consider
| that there are many persons at Sun who have various agenda's which are in
| several cases being unfairly placed on him. He has tried to be open and
| honest with the community and repaid with mockery and condescending remarks. * * * *

"Save a Penguin, Unplug a Linux Server" May Win Most-Flamable E-Mail Award *

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| I just got an e-mail from Sun which is probably the largest violation
| of L. Ron Hubbard's Survey tech that I've ever seen. It was an e-mail
| with the title of, "Save a Penguin - Unplug a Linux Server Today".

Morton: no merging of OpenSolaris with Linux

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| Don’t expect to see key features of OpenSolaris showing up in the Linux
| kernel, said a top Linux maintainer.

Solaris can never be Linux

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| Things haven't changed much at Sun. When Sun launched its
| OpenSolaris project in 2005 it used the Common Development and
| Distribution Licence - which is incompatible with the GPL - and
| some system code was not released.

OpenSolaris fans in a tizzy over 'Project Copy Linux'

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| Sun Microsystems has moved one mailing list posting closer to explaining
| how it plans to mimic the Linux distribution model with OpenSolaris.
| [...]
| The Solaris vendor spent the early part of this century mocking Linux.
| Next, it forced then CEO Scott McNealy to don a penguin suit and waddle
| around in front of analysts, extolling the virtues of Sun's own flavor
| of Linux. Then, Sun scrapped its own Linux in favor of selling Red Hat,
| while also mocking Red Hat.
| Now we find Sun trying to imitate part of the development model pushed
| by Canonical and Red Hat. Even though Sun likes to hold tight control
| over the Solaris proper releases, you can imagine the vendor picking
| up valuable bits and pieces created by the OpenSolaris developer
| community, just like the Linux vendors do with the work produced by
| their developer armies.

A First Look at The “OpenSolaris Developer Preview”

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| The Indiana project within has been spearheaded by Ian
| Murdock since the day he joined Sun. The idea was always simple and direct;
| to create a reference distribution based on all the open source bits
| available. To release something that allows anyone to just download it, run
| it, extend it without looking near and far for components. * *

Sun opens 'Indiana' chapter of OpenSolaris

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| However, not everything was flawless. In an inversion of the usual troubles,
| the operating system balked at using a wired network connection while working
| smoothly with my wireless adapter. Also, the fonts are ugly, with an
| un-antialiased capital U. And the operating system noticed but failed to
| mount a USB drive I inserted. For a better look at Indiana, though, check
| sites such as Blastwave. * *