Hello, linux gurus. I thing You are more familiar with this situation than
I am. I never had a HDD-s with capacity over 120GB until now, and the
problems began...

system: Redhat 7.3 (ok, e-smith 6.0 distribution)
kernel: 2.4.20-28
/dev/hda: system HDD: 80GB Maxtor splitted to 4 partitions.
/dev/hdd: 120GB HDD with 2 partitions
A new additional HDD 200GB and I cant make it work!

and problem is that I cant make so big partition like I want and even if I
try to migrate /dev/hdd* on the big new harddrive /dev/hdc*. but the
copying dont go without errors.

the "research" history:

I just added 200GB IDE HDD (well 189, if 1kB is 1024 bytes), and made
all available size as 1 primary partition. A new 200GB harddisk is hdc.
reboot and after that
mkfs -t ext3 -T largefile -m 0 /dev/hdc1
and after that
fsck /dev/hdc1
but oh no! it says that bad superblock.

eventually all is ok, if the partition size is less than 138000M or
something (that sounds like 128MB limit?)

and now, the first question:
**1. does ext3 fs has a partition size limit like 128GB ?

For the second:

For just a try I just give up and make 3 partitions (120GB 40GB and
40GB or so) with fdisk; reboot; formatting with ext3fs; mount;
and finally I start to copy the files to the
120GB partition and to the 40GB partition:

attempt to copy the all files with midnight commander: 3 times I tried
and every time on the random time, but ALWAYS I get a message during
the copying "No such file..." and it targets the target directory.
I unmount all partitions on 200GB hdd and fsck /dev/hdc2 (the 40GB
partition after the 120GB big one). And fsck finds errors!!!

attempt to copy the all files with cp : 3 times... "successful" becouse
it does not give errors but the fsck finds it anyway!

and after 5-6 times of trying and trying I understood that it doesnot
matter on which partition the errors occur, the errors are always with
200GB HDD resulting the filesystem error and the only error-free
filesystem is filesystem without files.

looking up the kernel messages the kernel says: attempt to access beyond
the end of device.
is this message related with this file system occuring error?

kernel message: i8253 count too high! resetting..
is it related with the filesystem error in some way? I'm not sure that
it does not affect the HDD controller chipset.

... or does the kernel now needs just a additional patch or something
add-on code if Redhat 7.3 2.4.20-28 kernel have to deal with any partition
on the >128GB HDD ?

doing commnand
badblocks -v /dev/hdc1

-v /dev/hdc2
-v /dev/hdc3
it always gives an error after reaching the end of the partition and it
says that attempt to reach beyond end of the device.
and marks the 4 last blocks bad. on every partition (even on the
/dev/hda*) but *except* /dev/hda1

please help.