Iced Tea

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| Java is a popular programming language used both on the desktop and the net.
| Until recently users who wanted to use just free software have had to
| struggle with partial support for Java, but now that Sun have begun freeing
| their Java implementation the way has opened for free software developers to
| create an entirely free implementation. This free Java, IcedTea, was shipped
| by default with Fedora 8, and so we talked to ThomasFitzsimmons, the lead
| developer behind this feature.


Desktop Java and Desktop Linux: A Match Made in Heaven?

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| It could be that desktop Java and desktop Linux are a match made in heaven.

Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java

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| Leopard may have 300 new features, but it is unable to run Java 1.6, even
| though that same version is available for both Windows and Linux. That has *
| taken some Mac users by surprise, including some on this user forum on
| Apple's website. *