Transitive Ships Sparc/Solaris Emulator, Partners with Hitachi

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| As promised two months ago, Transitive has begun shipping a variant of its
| QuickTransit application emulation environment that allows applications
| compiled for Sparc processors running Solaris to be moved to Linux servers
| based on either X64 or Itanium processors. Transitive and its partners, Intel
| and Hewlett-Packard, are hoping to cash in on the aging Sparc/Solaris server
| base, and now Hitachi is joining the fray.
| Transitive got its start licensing a sophisticated application environment
| created by Alasdair Rawsthorne, a computer science professor at Manchester
| University, which was launched as a formal product back in September 2004.
| The original Transitive model was to sell the emulator to sellers of new
| Unix-like systems (including Linux and more modern Unix releases) as a means
| for them to support the legacy applications running on older mainframe and
| Unix systems. QuickTransit was picked up by Apple Computer as a key
| technology in its move from Power to X64 processors, and then by Silicon
| Graphics as it hoped to support MIPS/Irix applications on its Itanium/Linux
| supercomputers.

(How) has Open Source Data Warehousing developed?

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| Open-source Linux the operating system of choice for a decidedly commercial
| vendor, Oracle, which even provides its own repackaging of the commercial Red
| Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, branded as Oracle Unbreakable Linux; and