Ill bet you are using Linux and don't even know it.

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| I have said it before and I will say it again. Linux seems to me to be the
| fastest growing operating system in the history of computing. It has
| diversified so much that it is running more devices than any single operating
| system. Even if you are a devout windows, mac, BSD or UNIX advocate I will
| bet that you will be using a Linux device and not even know it.


The inadvertent Linux user

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| Linux is deployed in more than 25 per cent of smartphones, and is second only
| in popularity to the Symbian operating system (OS) in that market.

Reaching into small spaces

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| You may not know what Linux is, but there's a good chance you use it
| every day. It's not a household cleaner or a prescription drug, but a
| form of software that is spreading beyond corporate computer networks
| into electronic devices such as personal digital assistants, TiVo
| boxes, navigation systems and home routers.
| Before long, it could be in your cell phone, too.
| "Just about everyone in the developed world is encountering embedded Linux
| in some form or fashion every day," said Chris Lanfear, an analyst
| for technology market research firm Venture Development Corp.
| And that's good news for consumers.
| Although Linux-based devices are virtually indistinguishable from those
| that run on other kinds of software, the Linux infrastructure should
| bring down the cost of many high-tech gadgets. What's more, users
| benefit from more frequent updates by device manufacturers and the
| possibility of new and better software options in the future.