Recenty I bought HP dc7100 SFF with Ati radeon X300 and Apple 20" Cinema
Display. System cames with Win XP SP2 and everything works great.
Complete system wasn't bought to use Win but Linux OS, and this is where
my problem starts.

After installing Fedora Core 3 (full instalation) I can't get Apple LCD
to work. I spent hours on Google to find solution but without any
result. There are some solutions with nVidia graphics card that works
but I don't want to change card (it's low profile PCI express) because I
can lose warranty with HP. Unfortunately nether HP or Apple give support
for Linux.

I know that this is strange configuration but this is what my boss want
and I can't argue with her, but she demands from me to fix this problem.

Is there any idea how to solve this, should I try different
distribution, new ATI drivers, or something else.


Tomislav Horvatek