raylopez99 wrote:
> This followup is to thank Erik Funkenbusch and Jack R. My workaround
> and progress at the moment: I decided the easiest thing to do is to
> switch from an SATA to an EIDE drive as my primary drive (since this
> system, though running a powerful Core 2 Duo chip, is really a cheap
> gift for somebody, who is a light PC user anyway and doesn't care
> about performance). I'll eventually make the SATA as a seperate, non-
> primary, non-bootable drive. Otherwise, I would have had to play
> around with SATA drivers, which for Hitachi HDs (OEM cheapos) are hard
> to find (I couldn't find any in 20 minutes of searching the net,
> though I guess if I spent enough effort something would show up).
> Also, Windows 2000 does not (when you hit F6 during setup) find
> drivers on anything other than the floppy drive (which this system
> doesn't have). So I installed an old but still good 80GB IDE drive as
> my C drive. Actually Win2000 had a problem formatting it during
> setup, so now I'm installing Windows98 on it, and it seems to be
> working (FAT16 should read up to a 130GB HD, so I don't know what the
> problem was, though I did notice that when I used Acronis to format
> the C: drive as an external USB drive on my other system, prior to
> installing it on this new system, Acronis left a tiny 8 MB partition
> at the root? sector, which perhaps is why Win2000 choked). Anyway,
> barring another problem I think Win98 is going to install... OK,
> update: there was a problem just now, albeit humorous: since my CD/
> DVD is set up as a slave to the HD (C drive, Win98 thought the CD/
> DVD was a second HD and insisted it be formatted. Unfortunately, my
> spare copy of Win98 is on the DVD/CD drive, and before I could pull it
> out Windows 'reformatted' it, erasing WIn98! Fortunately I have a
> backup(original) copy, which I'll use to install.
> Once I install Win98, I'll install either Win2000 or Vista on top of
> it, since I'm not sure I have the "upgrade" version or the "full
> install" version of Vista Ultimate (a pirate version btw).
> To be continued...
> RL
> PS--the Linux distro I was downloading timed out after being 80%
> there! I could not restart it from where it left off. Too bad, since
> I do want to load Linux at some point (just to make fun of you COLA
> nuts) and it would have been cool to see it on a 64 bit
> microprocessor, as this system is.

It wouldn't be the Hitachi hdd you need drivers for. It is the SATA
controller on the motherboard that needs drivers, should be on a cd that
came with the motherboard or online somewhere.